How long is your boat?

Everything is concrete when you grow up.

You judge – and measure – people by money. By cars. By apartments. By the furniture of the apartments. By the wood of the floor of the apartment. By the floor tiles of the bathroom.

You earn 10? You envy your colleague earning 15. You earn 15? You want the apartment of your colleague. You have the apartment? You want the boat. How long is your boat? Do you have a skipper?

You have everything? Fine. You’re probably divorced and your children live in another continent to stay far from you.

Money makes you happy. When you make money you can judge people. He left his job for love? He didn’t have a career. She moved to another country for love? She wasn’t doing anything worthwhile in her country.

Everything is clear, transparent and concrete when you grow up.

Boat length is something concrete. Something you can measure.

Is your boat long enough for traveling alone?






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