Fendi Teachings 

Which character are we all supposed to play?

Who is writing the script?

Freedom in awareness 

Truth in inner beat

Sea of emotions spontaneously pouring out

Full stop

No need for boxes

No need for labels

No need to tick delusional to do lists

Confidence in perceiving beauty wherever it is

… is it vacuity?!?

Why wasting time to

oppose, argue, fight?

Why keeping on screaming noooo?

It’s our fault if we keep on looking at

the finger instead of the moon

No magic pills

Stop thinking 

Just waste of time all the efforts to

dissect, label, replicate, steel, destroy confidence

To prove what?

Miserable actions


miserable reactions

Just matter of facts

And when we all act miserably

when we have distroyed all the beauty

just to prove that it is in a delusional somewhere else

or that it never exists

do we really feel better?





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