How to be yourself (wherever you are)

New Chanel campaign states that we should be feminists, ça va sans dire, but feminine.

Then I find articles everywhere on “how to”. After Caroline de Maigret‘s great book “How to be Parisian wherever you are“, the italian newspaper Corriere della Sera publishes a complete series of Bibles on “how to” look milanese if you are not.

Flat ballerinas, again, ça va sans dire, dogs with stupid names, white coats for toddlers – yes of course.

It’s all about cliché.

I guess the added value of de Maigret‘s book was the fact she was actually making fun of women behaving like characters instead of behaving like themselves, with a deep meaning – and a a profound teaching – on how to enter in contact with yourself. Then, when it comes to Italy, the new suffragettes are still that kind of girls desperately mirroring someone else.

The poor italian girl, the one that is wife, mother, lover, worker and that is never herself. The teacher that feels guilty if she steals 20 minutes to the ironing activities. The wife that feels guilty if the pasta is not home made. The one that has nothing to tell you because she’s desperately trying to balance work, family, children, ironing and kitchen.

The only battle she’ll fight in her life is the one for maintenance. In a tribunal where finally law tries to give her back her past and some money as her security for the future. More money for the years she lost devoting herself to other people. More money to pay for the time, energy, youth she lost in so many years.

Wake up italian girl. It’s time to be yourself – wherever you are and whatever it means.




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