To dye or not to dye

I was watching a reality in tv yesterday night. It’s called “L’altro volto della bellezza” (original english title “Beauty and the beast”) and it’s on It’s about people with physical disfigurements that are compared with people with extreme beauty obsession (I would call it Body dysmorphic disorder Ok, it’s easy to get the point. People with dysmorphic disorder have often problems like they have been abandoned from a parent in their childhood or they have lived a difficult separation after a break up in a relationship. Easy. Just a piece of cake. You think that if you become more and more beautiful, if you adhere to your ideal of perfection, you will be accepted. And yes, I got the point, of course tv and mass media help in this situation: success and acceptance are related to physical aspect.

Ok, makes sense. People with physical disfigurements have passed through disgust, reject, bullying and have built their identity on the fact of being accepted for what they are without focusing on aesthetical aspects. Fine.

But then I started wondering. “What if”. Questions, questions, questions. Here it’s easy to define a border, I mean, if you go under surgery ten times a year, if you are going to a solarium twice a day… the problem is clear.


But which is the line, the border? I’m a fake blonde and I’m dying my hair often. Because they grow and they look like… black (don’t ask me why since I don’t get tanned and my eyes are grey, but that’s the way it is).

If I dye my hair often… it’s because I fear other people’s judgment? If I don’t dye my hair often and I wear a black stripe on my head, that reminds me a zebra crossing… am I self-confident or dowdy? Shabby or myself?

Where is the border?





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