Dear Thomas Anthony,

but … if we are fine

exactly as we are

and I totally agree

how can we deal

with people who

think not to be ok?

and notwithstanding

all the efforts 

to tell, to prove, to give them

room to feel ok

they simply reply

“no no no no no no no”

but not only

“guess what

I’ll make your life

an hell as well

so that I’ll have

my confirmation”


I break the scheme

I move

I change approach

But what

if anytime

suddendly as soon as

little ‘comfort’ appears

instead of enjoying

they put under cover

in a comfort known zone

and blame me 

since they do not

find happiness there

or, if they misunderstand

where real happiness

comes from,

they blame me 

if I’m not in the comfort zone

where they put me

asking for more and more 

asking me to give them?


how to explain 

that the place where 

you can enjoy life

is a state of mind

that can exist

wherever you are

whatever you do?

it is just inside the eyes

we can find inspiration

just there

we can create

just there

and not in a comfort zone

that’s why

we feel entrapped

… and why to devastate 

my harvest 

instead of making

their own and

simply share fruits?

why to build walls

around me?

Nobody can provide it

We can only share it or not






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