Dreams are my reality

Sometimes I dream. It’s like daydreaming actually. It’s not mind wandering. It’s intentional. I’m there, I’m living the situation and then suddenly I’m leaving the situation. My body stays and continues talking, my mind imagines other scenes, other panoramas, other dialogues. Like that time I was dating a younger man and at 8pm we were eating pizza margherita and drinking still water in a milanese pizzeria. He was ordering and I was able to listen to the song “Dreams are my reality”, seeing balloons, and dancing like in the movie “La boum”. From that moment I discovered I was able to imagine different answers to typical questions. And I started. Do you do the same? Like somebody asks… “How are you?” “Fine! I’ve just lost my whole family in an earthquake” … “How did you meet your friend?” “we were both attending the alcoholics anonymous” …”Did you tell uncle Anacleto and aunt Guinevere you left me after 30 years marriage? What did they say?” “Nothing. They just opened the most expensive champaign bottle and started dancing the macarena”. Do you ever do the same? Shall I worry about this?





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