Labels or love?

So when it was the ’90 and Sex and the City used to rule, it was nice, or even sexy maybe, to be single, with a failing catastrophic personal life.

Then we discovered that, apart from Samantha, everybody wanted a wedding with the white dress and maybe a child. Welcome to Cliché land.

Then yesterday I was having dinner with some colleagues and yes, I work with psychologists, analysts and so on. We started drawing with our colleague’s little child. You draw a shark and an octopus? You are drawing a family – I guess the typical modern family – and it’s fine.

Then I drew a tree. Without fruits.

I don’t know what YOU think about it… but I’ve seen many trees without fruits.

No. The problem with me is that I won’t be a mother because I have no maternal instinct. Because my tree has no fruits.

So in the first movie from Sex and the City the soundtrack was “Labels or Love” from Fergie.

Now that’s what I ask you. Are we talking about labels or love?





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