How do we deal
With Emotions? 

Are we aware 

That we are

Empathic Beings?

Or are we unaware

Victims Of this ocean

Of confusing Emotions

Reflecting To others

Negative Emotions

That we have Absorbed

From other Victims?

Are we denying it

Forcing experience

Into categories

Not to be overwhelmed?

Or are we able to

Detach from the

Ocean And still

Perceive it?

Do we confuse 

Our emotions

With others’?

What if

We are providing anyway 

The only way we know

To pacify the mind

And embrace the hearth

In order to dissolve the pain?

What if

We use Unconditional

Love Towards ourselves?

That kind of love that

We all have Experienced

At least once reflected

In the eyes of our Mother when our

Ocean was completely Clean?

What if

We experience

That it doesn’t work


Waking up completely

Bleeded dry and worn out

By judgements, labels, boxes, lies,

infinite jests which do not actually 

lead anywhere?

What if

Detachment can be applied as well

To the infinite jests that emerge from

The uncovered Pandora’s Boxes that

Can be Perceived And read as well 

As an open Book Through Empathy?

Is that attitude the same applied to

Their inner world?

Or is it a special treatment reserved

To others?

Do we all Seek Happiness?

Where is Happiness?

What if  Happiness Is in an Hearth Open to world?

So that

Everything you do Can be pervaded by

Your Emotions And Somehow

Become Meaningful

And worth to Be experienced?

Are these only Words

As a lamp On the table?

If the lamp is Disconnected

From the source Does it light?

Is the purpose to put it in a little theatre

To have puppets to play with?


But it was the third wish





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